My Health Timeline

1985- Born with imporforate anus (no rectal opening, rectum started about 1inch in from where it should) and incomplete coccyx (tailbone a few inches shorter up my spine), medavac to John Hopkins hospital where I undergo surgery at 3 days old
1987- secondary surgery for imporforate anus
1988-1990- Four ear tubes surgeries
1997-2000 Rushed to Emergency room almost monthly for severe abdominal pain, always told it was "gas"
2000- ER doctor asked to get pelvic exam, discovered no vaginal opening, testing & various doctors appointments followed; Diagnosed with Vaginal Agenesis (MRKH). I have uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes & cervix and all external female anatomy.
July 5,  2000- Exploratory surgery with Dr. Sanz, Georgetown University Hospital; laproscpoic, started bleeding, had to open me up to stop bleeding, went to ICU, discovered within a few hours more bleeding, back to surgery, had a femoral artery aneurysm, flat lined a few times, needed 26 units of blood within 24 hour time period. In induced coma for 14 days. In hospital for 29 days. Nothing was actually accomplished with surgery, did not even get to my reproductive organs before bleeding occurred.
2000-2009- took Depo-Provera Birth control shot to lessen or stop menstrual cycles. Still had consistent abdominal pain each month. Decided to wait and see what medical improvements could occur.
2004- Moved in with Lee (husband), starting vaginal dilation, achieved appropriate length.
2007- Married Lee; found Dr. Lisa Kolp, John Hopkins, planned to have corrective surgery with 2 other doctors assisting, and had various testing done.
November 24, 2009- Had surgery to hopefully connect created vaginal tunnel to existing cervix. Surgery was unsuccessful, Cervix was incomplete/sealed; uterus was bicornate. After 6 hours, hysterectomy was performed (ovaries remain).
July 2010- Consultation with local IVF facility to discuss possible surrogacy with egg retrieval.
February 23, 2011- Knee Surgery (Left meniscectomy & lateral release)
May 2011- New Urologist prescribed me Macrobid (antibiotic) to take after intercourse, to prevent a UTI (none since started!)
July 21, 2011- First Sleep Study; Symptoms=excessive daytime sleepiness and can’t seem to get enough sleep. Results= Negative for Sleep Apnea, showed markers for Narcolepsy
October 23, 2011- second sleep Study with MSLT
October 26, 2011 - Knee Surgery (Right meniscectomy & lateral release)
November 3, 2011 - Diagnosed with Narcolepsy without Cataplexy. Prescribed Nuvigil.