Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never thought I would have to do that!

I had a strange experience the other day….I bought “panty liners” for the first time. You might ask “why?”  since I don’t have a uterus and therefore do not menstruate…so no need for them, right? Well they were for my dog…let me explain.
My 10 month old boxer, Luci, has a nasty cyst on her ankle that she won’t leave alone. She constantly licks or chews it and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I won’t share a picture here but if you are morbidly interested check out histiocytoma on Wikipedia.

We tried the big plastic cone/collar on her head, but then realized one of my other dogs “helps” her by licking it throughout the night, and the cone doesn’t prevent that. So our vet recommended a “Hock Sock” from DogLeggs.

So when I went to the vet to pick it up, he explained to me how to put it on, and how to remove it and “oh yeah, put a panty liner inside in case there is any drainage the wound wont get stuck to the wrap.” I hope I played it cool, but in my head I was like “a panty liner? Oh yeah I have those just laying around because I need something else to remind me that I don’t have a womb…”

So that evening I went to the grocery store with my husband, and while shopping remembered we needed to pick up them! I told my husband, and he was like “what?!” He has all brothers a menopausal mother, and a wombless wife…so feminine products are not in his vocabulary! We stood in the aisle we have never walked down before for several minutes trying to decipher the hundreds of boxes. I felt like a 12 year old girl with my dad on the day I first got my period…hypothectically of course. We avoided asking anyone for help, and ended up buying the cheapest box we could find 22 liners for $.66!

So now I have a box of cheap panty liners in my bathroom that I hope I can get rid of very quickly.

I hate how it makes me think when I see them…… I hate that my DOG needs panty liners and I don’t….. I hate that it makes me feel like less of a women because I am feminine product illiterate.

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